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  • BrickArms T-21B (Black)

    BrickArms T-21B (Black)

    The BrickArms T-21B is the long-range version the T-21.

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  • BrickArms T-21 (Black)

    BrickArms T-21 (Black)

    The T-21 is one of the most powerful standard issue rifles which could have been used by a soldier.
  • BrickArms CA-87 (Black)

    BrickArms CA-87 (Black)

    The BrickArms CA-87 is a short-ranged shock blaster used by both the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire to disable droids.
  • BrickArms DLT-20A (Black)

    BrickArms DLT-20A (Black)

    The BrickArms DLT-20A was used in reconnaissance missions because of its ability to hit enemies from a long distance.
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