WWI Weapons and Accessories
  • Brickarms Arisaka with Bayonet Brown

    Brickarms Arisaka with Bayonet

    Add a bayonet to the end of the BrickArms Arisaka and it is a truly deadly combination! Minifigs beware when this rifle is near or far!

    Starting at: $0.89

    Out of stock

  • Brickarms Springfield M1903A4 Army Scoped Rifle Brown

    Brickarms Springfield M1903A4 Army Scoped Rifle

    The M1903 - A4 was a sniper rifle designed for the US Army in the early stages of the US involvement in WWII. It was built out of necessity and adopted on January 14, 1943. 

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms M1903 Springfield USMC Sniper Rifle Black

    Brickarms M1903 Springfield USMC Sniper Rifle

     The sniper rifle of choice in WWII and Korea, is the BrickArms M1093 Springfield USMC Sniper Rifle is a legend of balance and power in the hands of your minifig!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms M97 Trench Gun Brown

    Brickarms M97 Trench Gun

    BrickArms takes the shotgun to war with the M97 Trench Gun!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms SMLE Rifle Brown

    Brickarms SMLE Rifle

    As the sun slowly set on the British Empire, Britain and her Commonwealth allies armed themselves with one of the most powerful and effective bolt-action rifles ever developed: the Lee-Enfield. Durabl…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms P08 Luger Black

    Brickarms P08 Luger

    The P08 Luger is an icon of German military strength and precision engineering. Now you can equip your figs with this classic sidearm with the BrickArms P08 Luger!

    Capturing all the distinct…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms BAR Black

    Brickarms BAR

    When your minifig needs something more powerful than the standard rifle, look no further than the BrickArms BAR!

    Based on John Browning's innovative automatic rifle, the BrickArms BAR is the…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Brodie Helmet Black

    Brickarms Brodie Helmet

    Throughout WWI, Doughboys and Tommies relied on their Brodie Helmets for protection.

    Now BrickArms lets you equip your figs with this classic piece of headgear with the BrickArms Brodie Helm…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms C96 Black

    Brickarms C96

    In military service for more than fifty years, the C96 Mauser Military Pistol ushered in the era of semi-automatic weapons on the modern battlefield. It fired 9mm cartridges fed by 10 round stripper c…

    Starting at: $0.50

  • Brickarms M1911 Black

    Brickarms M1911

    The M1911 is a single-action, semiautomatic handgun chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge

    World War II and the years leading up to it created a great demand for the weapon. During the war, 

    Starting at: $0.75

  • Brickarms M24 Black

    Brickarms M24

    The infamous "Potato Masher" hand grenade of the German army in WW2.

    You simply unscrewed the end cap, grabbed the end of the cord, pulled, and threw - all while trying not to get shot! …

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Mk2 Grenade Black

    Brickarms Mk2 Grenade


    A classic of warfare, a fragmentation grenade strikes at the enemy with a powerful explosion and razor-sharp shrapnel. Terrifyingly effective as an anti-personnel weapon, BrickArm…

    Starting at: $0.50

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