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  • Brickarms M203 Black

    Brickarms M203

    Give any minifig accessory an added *bang* with the BrickArms M203 Grenade Launcher!

    Easily attached to almost any minifig rifle using the BrickArms U-Clip (not included), the BrickArms M203…

    Starting at: $0.50

  • Brickarms M2019 Blaster Black

    Brickarms M2019 Blaster

    A fantastic sci-fi pistol, the Plager-Katsumate Series D is perfect for the futuristic detective looking for something easily concealable but still able to bag even the most resilient of android prey …

    Starting at: $0.50

  • Brickarms M1A1 SMG Black

    Brickarms M1A1 SMG

    The M1A1 was favored by soldiers and civilians alike for its compactness, large .45 ACP bullet, and high volume of automatic fire

    Compared to modern 9mm submachine guns, it is heavy, difficu…

    Starting at: $0.75

  • Brickarms M1917 Revolver Black

    Brickarms M1917 Revolver

    From the Old West to the mean city streets, the revolver was the handgun of choice for generations. As a tribute to these iconic weapons, BrickArms is happy to offer the BrickArms M1917 Revo…

    Starting at: $0.75

  • Brickarms M1911 Black

    Brickarms M1911

    The M1911 is a single-action, semiautomatic handgun chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge

    World War II and the years leading up to it created a great demand for the weapon. During the war, 

    Starting at: $0.75

  • Brickarms M1851 Navy Revolver Black

    Brickarms M1851 Navy Revolver

    One of the most distinctive pistols of the Civil War and Wild West, the 1851 Navy revolver was the revolver of choice for many a Yankee, Confederate, and cowboy.

    Now you can arm your figs wi…

    Starting at: $0.50

  • Brickarms M1 Garand Brown

    Brickarms M1 Garand

    From the shores of Normandy to the jungles of the Pacific and across the 38th Parallel, the M1 Garand was the rifle US armed forces relied on to win the day.

    Referred to by Gen. George S. Pa…

    Starting at: $0.89

    Out of stock

  • Brickarms M1 Carbine Black

    Brickarms M1 Carbine

    Airborne figs need a versatile, lightweight rifle, and BrickArms has the solution with the BrickArms M1 Carbine! With a wire stock and pistol grip, the BrickArms M1 Carbine is based on classic carbine…

    Starting at: $0.75

  • Brickarms Longslide Black

    Brickarms Longslide

    Taking a classic pistol into the future, the BrickArms Longslide Automatic Pistol adds greater accuracy (not to mention style!) to the M1911 design with the dual additions of a longer barrel and a top…

    Starting at: $0.75

  • Brickarms Lewis Gun Black

    Brickarms Lewis Gun

    The Lewis Gun is an iconic weapon of Britain that saw extensive service in both World War I and II (not to mention galaxies far, far away).

    Instantly recognizable thanks to its long tubular …

    Starting at: $1.35

  • Brickarms HSR Black

    Brickarms HSR

    Battles that span worlds mean troops need a versatile weapon. The solution: the BrickArms Heavy Scifi Rifle platform!

    A powerful assault rifle, the BrickArms Heavy Scifi Rifle (HSR) is also …

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms HCSR Black

    Brickarms HCSR

    Taking minifig sniping to the next level, the BrickArms High Caliber Sniper Rifle (HCSR) packs a punch so tough, it can engage both enemy soldiers and their vehicles!

    Incredibly powerful and…

    Starting at: $1.35

  • Brickarms Glaive Gunmetal

    Brickarms Glaive

    Perfect on its own, the BrickArms Glaive can also become a truly formidable weapon when attached to a pole or any other minifig accessory using the BrickArms U-Clip.

    From the kitchen to the …

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Energy Pistol Cobalt

    Brickarms Energy Pistol

    Firing a high-energy blast of superheated plasma, the BrickArms Energy Pistol packs a tremendous punch in a stylish alien package.

    Give your scifi figs a stylish, distinctive piece of sci-fi…

    Starting at: $1.35

  • Brickarms Damien Blade Gunmetal

    Brickarms Damien Blade

    Men clad in steel charge forward, and soon the ring of clashing blades fills the air. This is the battlefield of the 14th century, and at the fore of the battle is the BrickArms Damien Blade. ...

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Dadao Gunmetal

    Brickarms Dadao

    "The dadao cleaves the enemy's head! Brothers-in-arms, war is at hand!"

    - Chinese WWII marching song

    With unparalleled power behind its slash and chop, the BrickArms Dad…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Cricket Bat Black

    Brickarms Cricket Bat

    Across the pond, cricket is king, so step up to the pitch and take a swing with the BrickArms Cricket Bat!

    Perfect for a friendly match or as a heavy club for fending off zombie hordes, the…

    Starting at: $0.20

  • Brickarms Combat Shotgun Titanium

    Brickarms Combat Shotgun

    For modern tactical needs, few things work better in tight spaces than a shotgun, and the BrickArms Combat Shotgun is one your figs will want to have at the ready.

    Perfect for everything fro…

    Starting at: $0.50

  • Brickarms Combat PDW Black

    Brickarms Combat PDW

    Compact and incredibly powerful, the BrickArms Combat PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) is a tremendous amount of firepower in one easy to carry package!

    An excellent choice for vehicle crews or…

    Starting at: $0.75

  • Brickarms Combat LMG Black

    Brickarms Combat LMG

    The current medium machine gun of choice of LEGO® Navy SEALs and Army Rangers, the BrickArms Combat LMG is lightweight and fires a powerful round, making it perfect for special operations.


    Starting at: $0.75

  • Brickarms Combat Knife Black

    Brickarms Combat Knife

    Because sometimes even modern combat can be up-close and personal! The BrickArms Combat Knife is the perfect choice for any minifig looking for a silent but very effective alternative to a firing weap…

    Starting at: $0.25

  • Brickarms Claymore Gunmetal

    Brickarms Claymore

    Slashing down from the misty highlands of Scotland, it's the BrickArms Claymore! Based on classic 16th century claymore designs, the BrickArms Claymore is guaranteed to make an imposing addition to an…

    Starting at: $0.75

  • Brickarms Chainblade SIlver

    Brickarms Chainblade

    Harnessing the savage fury of a chainsaw, the BrickArms Chainblade can chew through flesh and bone with ease.

    Designed to function both as a hand-held weapon and attached to weaponry using t…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms C96 Black

    Brickarms C96

    In military service for more than fifty years, the C96 Mauser Military Pistol ushered in the era of semi-automatic weapons on the modern battlefield. It fired 9mm cartridges fed by 10 round stripper c…

    Starting at: $0.50

  • Brickarms XRG Black

    Brickarms XRG

    When a plain old bullet, or energy blast won't do the trick, an electromagnetically launched projectile will!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms XMS Titanium

    Brickarms XMS

    Blast the invaders to bits with the Experimental Magnum Shotgun!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms XM7S Titanium

    Brickarms XM7S

    With advanced suppressor and sight, the BrickArms XM7S SMG is ready for scifi spec ops action!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms XM7 Black

    Brickarms XM7

    The SMG for explosive scifi action: the BrickArms XM7!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms XLMD Black

    Brickarms XLMD

    The explosive power of a grenade combines with pistol accuracy with the BrickArms XLMD

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms XDMR Gunmetal

    Brickarms XDMR

    Designed for dedicated precision fire support, the XDMR excels where nothing else can.

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms XBR4 Titanium

    Brickarms XBR4

    Advanced tech makes the BrickArms XBR4 battle rifle a perfect weapon for any scifi trooper!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms XBR3 Black

    Brickarms XBR3

    Troopers across the galaxy can lock and load for action with the BrickArms XBR3 battle rifle!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Bayonet Gunmetal

    Brickarms Bayonet

    "Fix bayonets!"

    Troops through the ages transformed their rifles into pikes by attaching a bayonet. BrickArms now lets builders do the same to their minifig accessories with the BrickArms Ba…

    Starting at: $0.50

  • Brickarms Scalpel Gunmetal

    Brickarms Scalpel

    Small but razor sharp, the BrickArms Scalpel is the perfect tool for any minifig looking to do some major surgery...whether the patient wants it or not!

    Silver scalpel is only available in t…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • BrickArms A295 10 Pack (Black)

    BrickArms A295 10 Pack (Black)

    BrickArms A295 10 Pack (Black)

    Out of stock

  • Brickarms DC-15 10 Pack (Black)

    Brickarms DC-15 10 Pack (Black)

    Brickarms DC-15 10 Pack (Black)
  • Brickarms DC-15s 10 Pack (Black)

    Brickarms DC-15s 10 Pack (Black)

    Brickarms DC-15s 10 Pack (Black)
  • Brickarms DC-15 Pack

    Brickarms DC-15 Pack

    Brickarms DC-15 Pack comes with two of your favorite Blasters.

    Regular Price: $9.00

    Special Price: $8.09

  • Brickarms Brodie Helmet Black

    Brickarms Brodie Helmet

    Throughout WWI, Doughboys and Tommies relied on their Brodie Helmets for protection.

    Now BrickArms lets you equip your figs with this classic piece of headgear with the BrickArms Brodie Helm…

    Starting at: $0.89

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Items 161-199 of 199

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