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  • BrickArms Bolt-Caster (Black)

    BrickArms Bolt-Caster (Black)

    The BrickArms Bolt-Caster is a three piece design with a removable label.

    Regular Price: $3.00

    Special Price: $1.79

  • Silver

    BrickArms NN-14 (Silver)

    The BrickArms NN-14 was an armored blaster given to scavenger Rey by none other than Han Solo himself.

    Regular Price: $1.50

    Special Price: $1.35

  • BrickArms A-280C (Black)

    BrickArms A-280C (Black)

    The A-280C is the preferred blaster rifle of the Alliance commandos.

    Regular Price: $2.00

    Special Price: $1.79

  • Brickarms SMLE Mk3 W/Bayonet

    Brickarms SMLE Mk3 W/Bayonet

    Brickarms SMLE Mk3 W/Bayonet

    Regular Price: $1.00

    Special Price: $0.89

  • Brickarms Kukri Blade with Tactical Grip Black

    Brickarms Kukri Blade with Tactical Grip

    Stab, slash, chop! The BrickArms Kukri with Tactical Grip is sure to get the job done!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Killstrike Black

    Brickarms Killstrike

    Cast aside those awful, clunky, lacking definition LEGO swords and bring forth the amazingly detailed Killstrike from BrickArms. These will bring life to your Castle MOCS that those other swords just couldn't!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Havoc Blade Gunmetal

    Brickarms Havoc Blade

    The name says it all! Havoc will prevail when this weapon shows up in your builds! It looks downright gruesome!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms XLR Black

    Brickarms XLR

    At long last it's here! The much anticipated X series weapon that just didn't fit in the X Pack mold. It was worth the wait! You will not be disappointed in this HALO inspired Masterpiece!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms FMG

    Brickarms FMG


    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Bren

    Brickarms Bren


    Starting at: $1.35

  • Brickarms D9-AR Black

    Brickarms D9-AR


    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms AC8 Black

    Brickarms AC8

    The future of minifig warfare today, the BrickArms AC8 (Assault Carbine Model 8) represents the latest in modern minifig weaponry.
    Perfect for both modern and scifi troopers, the BrickArms A…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Apoc SMG Black

    Brickarms Apoc SMG

    The burning ruins of the apocalypse demand a tough weapon, and BrickArms has the solution with the BrickArms Apoc SMG!

    Durable and ready for action, the BrickArms Apoc SMG packs a strong eno…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Auto-9 Black

    Brickarms Auto - 9

    A joint venture from BrickArms and Omni Consumer Products, the Auto-9 is truly the future of law enforcement sidearms. Staggeringly powerful, the Auto-9 is the perfect selection to bring in the crimin…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms BAR Black

    Brickarms BAR

    When your minifig needs something more powerful than the standard rifle, look no further than the BrickArms BAR!

    Based on John Browning's innovative automatic rifle, the BrickArms BAR is the…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Bazooka (Black)

    Brickarms Bazooka

    Legendary for the explosive force it puts in the hands of a single solider, the name "bazooka" is synonymous with imposing firepower.

    Now you can equip your figs with this iconic piece of we…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Minigun Black

    Brickarms Minigun

    BrickArms takes "Ol' Painless" out of the bag and into your figs' hands with the BrickArms Minigun!...

    Starting at: $7.19

  • Brickarms Mosin Nagant

    Brickarms Mosin Nagant

    Mosin Nagant

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms DL-44 Black

    Brickarms DL-44


    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Howitzer Shell Black

    Brickarms Howitzer Shell

    ****BOOOM**** Another piece of ordinance from the Chapman munitions factory: the Howitzer Shell!

    Starting at: $0.50

  • Brickarms DC-15S Carbine Black

    Brickarms DC-15S Carbine

    The short-barreled rifle of choice for scifi troopers: the BrickArms DC-15s Carbine!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms RPD Machine Gun Black

    Brickarms RPD Machine Gun

    The light machine gun for the most battle-hardened figs: the BrickArms RPD!

    Starting at: $1.79

    Out of stock

  • Brickarms Mk44 Heavy Revolver Black

    Brickarms Mk44 Heavy Revolver

    Want to put a cannon in your figs’ hand? Give them the BrickArms Mk44 Heavy Revolver!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms A295 Rifle

    Brickarms A295 Rifle

    The intergalactic rebellion starts with the BrickArms A295 Rifle!

    Starting at: $0.89

    Out of stock

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Items 41-80 of 199

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