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  • Blaster Packs and Star Wars Fun Facts!

    Take your Star Wars LEGO Weapons to the next level with the BrickArms Blaster Pack at GI BRICK! You get all the weapons you see below for just $12!
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  • Cyber Monday Savings!!!

    CYBER MONDAY is Here!
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  • New Weapons are here at GI Brick!

    BrickArms gave us many new weapons to choose from at the World War Brick show in Minneapolis this last weekend! Some of these were previously released weapons that received an upgrade with Scopes and others were anticipated for a long time. Time to introduce you to them...

    The excitement from the crowd was intense when this went up!




    Here's a better look at them all...

    Kar98 with Scope

    Kar98 Scoped





    Mosin Nagant in Brown



    M1 Carbine Para V2



    Springfield M1903A4 Army Scoped




    Caplock Musket



    Arisaka with Bayonet


    Find them all at !

    Let us know which ones are your favorites! Were you sad to see something not be included in this release? Talk to us!



  • GI Brick is Putting the Mystery Back into Packs!!!

    That's right! The Mystery Pack is coming back thanks to yours truly,! The packs will debut this weekend at WWB Minneapolis and will then go up on the website when we return.

    What comes in these packs, you ask?

    Each pack has 16 random weapons in it.

    1 weapon will be Chrome, unless you get...

    a 24k Gold Plated Weapon!!!

    10 in 100 packs will contain 1 24kt gold plated weapon!

    1 in 100 packs will contain the super chase item... A 24k Gold Plated M2HB or MK19!

    The packs will retail at $15 much like the old Version 1 Mystery Pack. These are exclusive to GI Brick.

    Stay tuned for a YouTube video coming out later today June 16, 2015!


  • GI Brick Review of the Surplus Pack #4 From BrickArms...

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  • GI Brick Review of the Surplus Pack #5 from BrickArms...

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  • CIA Operative is back and better than ever!

    Now at GI Brick! Specter has returned!

    Untitled-2Specter-2 Specter-2-back



  • Black Friday Giveaways and New Releases are Here!



    And for your viewing pleasure, all the new releases from BrickArms!....

    The A295 Rifle


    DC-15S Carbine


    M1903 Springfield USMC Sniper Rifle


    MK44 Heavy Revolver


    RPD Machine Gun



    and the much anticipated MK19!

    MK19_wTripod_Black MK19_wTripod_BACK_Black

  • BricksCascade Show this weekend brings new Product!

    GI Brick will be attending our first show of the season right here in Portland, OR. BricksCascade is in its 3rd year and will be featuring a "Ready to MOC (my own creation)!" theme this year.

    We are bringing these to add to the goodie bags, but there is always potential that something might make it back here to the website so be sure to check in!

    Web ver

    In addition, Will Chapman announced on Flickr last night, (3/5/14) some very exciting news! He finally made the tactical vest! I know many of you were waiting a long time for this and without further ado here it is...



    These will be on sale at the show this weekend and then once we have word from Mr. Chapman, we'll have them on the website.

    Hope to see lots of your smiling faces at the show! Here is more information for you...



  • BrickArms Zombie Defense Pack 2014!

    It's here and it's amazing! What makes this one unique?
    Well, Will has his brand new UV Printer and he has created a truly gruesome, puffy printed Zombie Head!


    The madness doesn't stop there! From now through November 23, 2013 you will get an EclipseGrafx Zombie Head for every BrickArms Zombie Defense Pack 2014 you purchase at GI Brick! (Pack price $15, EclipseGrafx Head price $4)



    While you are at it, don't forget to pick up a "Shaun" Figure for $15,  while he's still in stock! Who else is better equipped to take on the Zombie Hoards!?


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