• Brickarms Boonie Hat OD Green

    Brickarms Boonie Hat

    From the blazing desert to the steamy jungle, the BrickArms Boonie Hat proves its worth.

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Pickelhaube

    Brickarms Pickelhaube

    BrickArms Pickelhaube comes with a removable brass colored spike

    Starting at: $1.35

  • Brickarms Fallschirmhelm

    Brickarms Fallschirmhelm

    Fallschirmjäger paratroopers are ready to dive into battle with the BrickArms Paratrooper Stahlhelm!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Adrian

    Brickarms Adrian

    From the Marne to Amiens, French WWI soldiers fight to win wearing their BrickArms Adrian Helmet!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms T90 (All Colors)

    Brickarms T90

    Headgear for the IJA solider fig ready to fight and die for their emperor!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms SSh-40 (All Colors)

    Brickarms SSh-40

    Soviet figs need headgear for the battle to save mother Russia, and the BrickArms SSh-40 Helmet is ready for action!

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Brodie Helmet Black

    Brickarms Brodie Helmet

    Throughout WWI, Doughboys and Tommies relied on their Brodie Helmets for protection.

    Now BrickArms lets you equip your figs with this classic piece of headgear with the BrickArms Brodie Helm…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms M1 Steel Pot Black

    Brickarms M1 Steel Pot

    The standard issue helmet of the U.S. military for over 40 years, the M1 Helmet is an icon of American history.

    BrickArms is proud to honor this service with the BrickArms M1 Helmet, the per…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Modern Combat Helmet Black

    Brickarms Modern Combat Helmet

    The rigors of modern combat mean your figs need good headgear, and the BrickArms Modern Combat Helmet is up to the job!

    Based on several cutting-edge helmet designs, the BrickArms Modern Com…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Stahlhelm Black

    Brickarms Stahlhelm

    From Verdun to Berlin, German soldiers relied on the Stahlhelm for protection. Now your figs can wear this icon of German military power with the BrickArms Stahlhelm!

    Sleek and imposing, any…

    Starting at: $0.89

  • Brickarms Ushanka Dark Gray

    Brickarms Ushanka

    Comrades, tonight we warm our heads!

    Starting at: $0.89

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