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  • Picture of the Week...

    Here at GI BRICK we love to see what our builders are doing with their BrickArms. Continue reading

  • All I want for Christmas....

    Is you, Delta!
    Continue reading

  • Photo of the Day Themes for the Week of July 13th...

    Follow us on Flickr and tag us in your photos for a chance to win a $5 credit for the winners of each theme!

    GI Brick Flickr Page


  • Shark Week Photo of the Day theme winner...

    A big congrats to Ian on Flickr for his amazing Shark Week photo! Stay tuned on Flickr for Today's Theme!


  • Photo of the Day Contest winner for 7/8...

    Theme - Villains and BrickArms
    Winner - LegoEpicMan on Flickr

    Fantastic photo, not sure if I want to say Awwww! or Ahhhh! Adorably deadly seems appropriate here!


    The theme for today will be coming up shortly. Make sure to check out our Flickr page for the latest entries.

  • Photo of the Day Contest on Flickr...

    I love the "photo of the day" theme pictures you see on the web frequently and I thought we should have our own with a twist! All of our themes will and must contain BrickArms for them to be considered the photo of the day winner.
    I will select a theme and you must take a photo featuring that theme combined with BrickArms.
    For instance today's them is LEGO villains and BrickArms. Here's my example...



    These all must be uploaded to Flickr and GI Brick added so that I can view them. I will then select a winner and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place runner ups. 1st place will receive a $5 credit to and runner ups will receive $3, $2, and $1 credits as well as having their picture featured on our blog.
    I will run this on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

    Here is our Flickr page where you will see the theme for each day featured in the morning.

    GI Brick Flickr

    Good Luck and I can't wait to see all of the great photos you are all going to take!

  • Mystery Pack Giveaway Winner...Norbert!

    Let's give a big congrats to Norbert who had the winning comment from this weekend's Mystery Pack Giveaway!

    Here's his comment...

    "I would probably add them to the post apocalypse city moc that I have devised. Any unique colors I would find would really add to the cyber steam punk theme very well. If it was a golden gun, I would add it to the abandoned pre war bank vault where all the loot is stashed. I am hoping that I find some great guns to add to a Post Apocalypse theme. These will help the citizens deal with the new mutant infestation that has arised recently."

    I want to see pictures of this MOC when you are all finished with it!


    Thanks to everyone who participated!


  • Wacky Wednesday Entries for your viewing pleasure!


    I shall kill this beast !

    Where others ran like chickens, I shall continue. where others died, I shall survive and slay this beast.

    Photo by: Tiese Koopmans


    Trolled GoodSir

    The Great Blade of Death!


    Cole Breaks Blocks

    "The floating cone no ice cream for panam"


    Chrissy Koehler

    Beware of the Farm Animals!


    Jake Anderson

    A guy being serenaded by a punk rock band as he is forced to marry Jar Jar Binks!


    The BrickBear

    "Unexpected Robbery"


    THe BrickBoss

    "Run Slender"

    Sir Henry of Wickware Submission

    Sir Henry of Wickware

    "Bridezilla Rides Again"

    Rob Herberger Submission

    Rob Herberger

    Entering the Den of The Huge Hens and Almighty Rooster of Death!

    Lego MasterM submission

    Lego MasterM

    Jarvis Iron Man running around while police chase after a man dressed as a hotdog!

    Jake Anderson Submission

    Photo By Jesse Schultz

    Disco Roman and a dragon with combat knives for spikes ridden by a cowgirl!

    Campfire Songs

    Ashton Hyder

    "We camp out all night to get Wacky"

    Germans are smart!

    Ian Watson

    "Germans are Smart, I can figure this out"

  • GI Brick Wacky Wednesday Photo Contest Video

    Continue reading

  • GI Brick Wacky Wednesday Photo Contest


    Wacky Wednesday is coming up and I thought it would be a great time to have a contest!


    1. The Photo must be taken outdoors.

    2. The Photo must feature BrickArms weapons, accessories, or Minifigs.

    3. The photo must have a "wacky" theme to it, read Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Suess if you need inspiration.

    4. Please submit photos that are not blurry, grainy, or taken in a vertical format.

    Entries must be submitted by Midnight PST on Wednesday May 12th to for Consideration.

    Winner will be selected based on Creativity, Originality, and Visual Appeal.

    Winner will be chosen on Friday, May 15th.

    Winner shall receive 1 $25 gift card and a free shipping code to be used at

    Happy Photo taking and good luck!

    Julie Nelson

    --GI Brick


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