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  • Photo of the Day Contest on Flickr...

    I love the "photo of the day" theme pictures you see on the web frequently and I thought we should have our own with a twist! All of our themes will and must contain BrickArms for them to be considered the photo of the day winner.
    I will select a theme and you must take a photo featuring that theme combined with BrickArms.
    For instance today's them is LEGO villains and BrickArms. Here's my example...



    These all must be uploaded to Flickr and GI Brick added so that I can view them. I will then select a winner and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place runner ups. 1st place will receive a $5 credit to and runner ups will receive $3, $2, and $1 credits as well as having their picture featured on our blog.
    I will run this on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

    Here is our Flickr page where you will see the theme for each day featured in the morning.

    GI Brick Flickr

    Good Luck and I can't wait to see all of the great photos you are all going to take!

  • Huge Missouri Ship Build to be on Display at WWB Hartford!

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  • Mystery Pack Giveaway Winner...Norbert!

    Let's give a big congrats to Norbert who had the winning comment from this weekend's Mystery Pack Giveaway!

    Here's his comment...

    "I would probably add them to the post apocalypse city moc that I have devised. Any unique colors I would find would really add to the cyber steam punk theme very well. If it was a golden gun, I would add it to the abandoned pre war bank vault where all the loot is stashed. I am hoping that I find some great guns to add to a Post Apocalypse theme. These will help the citizens deal with the new mutant infestation that has arised recently."

    I want to see pictures of this MOC when you are all finished with it!


    Thanks to everyone who participated!


  • Win a Brand New GI Brick Mystery Pack!!!

    I found a Mystery Pack, left over from WWB, packaging too damaged to sell, but not to giveaway! How do you get this sent to your home? Write us a comment and tell us how you are going to use the weapons from this pack for your troops. What are you going to build, create, film, and so forth with this awesome pack? Who knows, there could even be gold in there!

    Here she is, one sealed, slightly damaged sticker, amazing and awesome Mystery Pack...

    I'll pick the winner on Monday! Good luck to all of you!

    PS- Brand new for sale Mystery Packs should be up on Monday as well! For those of you who don't want to leave it all up to chance! ;)

  • A look at the new Summer 2015 Weapons from BrickArms!

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  • New Weapons are here at GI Brick!

    BrickArms gave us many new weapons to choose from at the World War Brick show in Minneapolis this last weekend! Some of these were previously released weapons that received an upgrade with Scopes and others were anticipated for a long time. Time to introduce you to them...

    The excitement from the crowd was intense when this went up!




    Here's a better look at them all...

    Kar98 with Scope

    Kar98 Scoped





    Mosin Nagant in Brown



    M1 Carbine Para V2



    Springfield M1903A4 Army Scoped




    Caplock Musket



    Arisaka with Bayonet


    Find them all at !

    Let us know which ones are your favorites! Were you sad to see something not be included in this release? Talk to us!



  • BrickDodger 600 Subscriber Contest on YouTube. Check it out!

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  • Fan Photo of the Day for June 18th by DarkNaruto on Instagram!

    Thanks so much to DarkNaruto for letting us see what he's been up to with his BrickArms. He sent in two pictures...1 of a Central Command type build and 1 of a tank he's made.

    Keep those photos coming in everyone! We really love to see what you are up to!

    DarkNaruto on Instagram tank.JPG

    DarkNaruto on Instagram

  • World War Brick Minneapolis is this weekend!!!

    Will you be in the Minneapolis area this weekend, June 20-21? Stop by and see us at the Brickmania Toyworks Warehouse. We'll be hosting the World War Brick show along with Brickmania and BrickArms. This is a fantastic all military LEGO show put on by some amazing builders from around the country.
    The show was started to support many teen builders who have been displaced by the mainstream LEGO shows around the country due to "age" issues. We wanted a place for these kids and adults alike to gather and share their love of Military themed building. The show provides games, gatherings, giveaways, meetups, classes, and much more for this unique community.
    Please come down and see these build displays, meet the people who made them, and do a little shopping. In addition we will have a Claw Machine with proceeds going to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.


    Cost is $10 per person
    Time on Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm
    Location : Brickmania Toyworks, 1620 Central Ave NE, Suite 170, Minneapolis, MN 55418, USA

    We hope to see you there!

  • The New Mystery Pack From GI Brick

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