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  • PROMOTION: Scavenger Hunt...

    It's scavenger hunt time!!! Somewhere hidden in the website is a super secret coupon code. We aren't telling you what it is, just know that it is awesome and you will want to find it! If you are lucky and do happen upon it, make sure to keep the secret! The code is valid until June 1st. Get Searching!!!  This has NOW EXPIRED.

    --GI Brick

  • June 2011 Releases...The Minigun has arrived!!!

    The time has come!!! The Minigun is now available for purchase!!! No more speculating or zoomed in blurry images of Ol' Painless, it's the real deal! GI Brick has them available for purchase now, no waiting, no preorders!!!

    BrickArms takes "Ol' Painless" out of the bag and into your figs' hands with the BrickArms Minigun! Six barrels worth of explosive firepower, the BrickArms Minigun is perfect for mounting or as a truly awe inspiring and imposing piece of hand-held weaponry for any fig tough enough to wield it!
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  • Our First Contest!!!

    Our first contest has arrived! We want your reviews of your ordering experience. !

    *First Create a video reviewing your GI Brick order. We want to see lots of creativity here, feel free to edit, but keep it clean. We want kids and adults alike to enjoy these videos.

    *We are not enforcing a time length, it can be a short video or it could be an epic 20 min video, you decide, let your creativity drive you.
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