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  • CIA Operative is back and better than ever!

    Now at GI Brick! Specter has returned!

    Untitled-2Specter-2 Specter-2-back


  • Cyber Monday Sale!

    Cyber Monday is here with amazing deals for everyone! Plus for every order made tomorrow I will be adding extra goodies!

    I have the following:

    WWB Crate packs


    Brick Badges

    2013 Santa Crates (You could brasso off the 2013 if you prefer!)

    These will be very random and will not show up on your invoices. I will give them out until supplies run out. I have a ton so we should be good for awhile!


  • Black Friday Giveaways and New Releases are Here!



    And for your viewing pleasure, all the new releases from BrickArms!....

    The A295 Rifle


    DC-15S Carbine


    M1903 Springfield USMC Sniper Rifle


    MK44 Heavy Revolver


    RPD Machine Gun



    and the much anticipated MK19!

    MK19_wTripod_Black MK19_wTripod_BACK_Black

  • Winners Finally!...and an explanation.

    I want to apologize for my lack of response to this. I was the recipient of a lovely case of Optic Neuritis as of late and could hardly see in front of my face for weeks. Things are much better now, still a little blurry but good enough to see your wonderful entries to our contest earlier this month. All those who have participated will receive a $5 credit to their GI Brick accounts if you are not a "winner" or "runner up". Thank you and I hope you can understand!

    Also, if you place in any of the categories, I will be emailing you to get your GI Brick Account info to set up your spending money!

    On to the good stuff now....Drum roll please!!!

    The Grand Prize MOC Winner is Graeme Straughn! Congratulations!



    Our Runner Up in the MOC category is James Libby. Congrats!



    Our winner in the Custom Fig contest is Jordan Lee...

    jordan lee


    Our Runner Up in the Custom Fig Contest is Chris T....

    Chris t


    Our Amateur MOC Winner is Micaiah...


    Our Amateur MOC Runner Up is Ashton Hyder...



    Our Amateur Custom Fig Winner is Sarah David...



    Our Amateur Custom Fig Runner Up is Caleb Cragle...

    Caleb Cragle


    Thank you to all who participated and once again Congratulations to all of our winners and runner ups!

    Julie Nelson

    --GI Brick

  • Entries for May the 4th be with you...

    Here are the entries for our May the 4th be with you contest. Winners will be announced in the next posting! Enjoy and thanks to all those who entered!

    --GI Brick

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  • Happy 3rd Birthday GI Brick!!! A Sale to Celebrate!

    Happy Birthday GI Brick


    We've been here for 3 years now and to celebrate...How about a sale?!!!

    Use the following code to save 20% on all of your purchases now through May 4th...


  • May the 4th Star Wars Contest...*


    May the 4th is coming soon and to celebrate we are having a quick contest!

    We want to see your figs dressed up in their Star Wars best, wielding their favorite BrickArms!

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  • Happy St. Patrick's Day Sale!

    Save 17% now through Saturday March 22nd, just enter GOGREEN17 at checkout!


  • LEGO Batman Joker Returns by Bryant Baus

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  • BricksCascade Show this weekend brings new Product!

    GI Brick will be attending our first show of the season right here in Portland, OR. BricksCascade is in its 3rd year and will be featuring a "Ready to MOC (my own creation)!" theme this year.

    We are bringing these to add to the goodie bags, but there is always potential that something might make it back here to the website so be sure to check in!

    Web ver

    In addition, Will Chapman announced on Flickr last night, (3/5/14) some very exciting news! He finally made the tactical vest! I know many of you were waiting a long time for this and without further ado here it is...



    These will be on sale at the show this weekend and then once we have word from Mr. Chapman, we'll have them on the website.

    Hope to see lots of your smiling faces at the show! Here is more information for you...


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