About G.I. Brick CO

G.I. Brick is an authorized dealer of the BrickArms toys company that specializes in original, custom-designed LEGO® compatible weapons and custom minifigs. All toys are original, and BrickArms promises to produce high-quality, low-cost toys that fit perfectly within the LEGO® world.

BrickArms originated in 2006 in Redmond, WA, by Will Chapman. It is a family business and we are happy to be carrying on the tradition. Will is our uncle and he’s a pretty amazing guy! We are thrilled to be selling his products! Save2Egg

G.I. Brick prides itself on fast shipping, great customer service, and holding itself to the highest of standards. We look forward to providing you with all of your BrickArms needs.

Keith and Julie Nelson
G.I. Brick CO

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